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WWRBTHAI’s Rules and Regulations

All the rules apply to every forum, including the chat box.

Member’s name
    1.Avoid the name that refers or imply to any kind of establishment such as religions, beliefs or Monarchy’s establishment. Names that havemeanings imply to insult or bully any others are forbidden in any case.
    Penalty: Account deleted
    2.Avoid using any rude words in naming. The scope of “rude words” is decided according to the Administrator’s agreement.
    Penalty: Account Deleted

Avatar and Signature
    1.Avatar’s size shouldn’t be bigger than 150x200px, and shouldn’t have overall size larger than 50kb.
    2.Signature’s overall size shouldn’t be bigger than 650x300px and shouldn’t have overall size larger than 250kb.
    3.Any avatar or signature that is made for advertising purpose or have any religion, believe, or political-related are forbidden. Any pornographic pictures are also avoided.
    3.1 Avoid using any avatar and signature that imply insulting, bullying or referring any others in any case.

Posting and other General use of WWRBTHAI
    1.Avoid using rude words or any post that insult or refer any person or establishment.
    This also include post thatnight cause the society’s strong conflict.
    Penalty: user Banned, the consideration is accorded to the administrator’s view to the case.
    1.1This rule also applied to any other post or thread.
    1.2 Topic’s non-related post should be avoided on the tread.
    1.3 Political issues are strictly forbidden.
    1.4 When thread or post using other’s article, if there are pictures in the article, user must upload the picture(s) on their own source. Hotlink is forbidden.
    In additional, user must give credits to the source(s).
    Penalty: Warned
    1.5 When post the other sources article, user shouldn’t just left the link.
    The whole article should be posted, and the link should be instead posted as the credit.
    Penalty: Warned
    1.6 Posting any person’s image without permission is forbidden.
    Penalty: Warned
    1.7 If the thread’s content is found similar with the previous thread’s content, the new thread will be instantly locked.
    1.8 request for/post illegal files at any case is forbidden
    Penalty: 1st time = Warned / 2nd time = Permanently Banned

    2.Avoid any post related to advertisement or any business. If user needs to promote his website, permission will be individually given from administrator.
    Penalty: 1st time = Warned / 2nd time = 3 days Banned /3rd time = Permanently Banned

    3.Flood or continuously post mass of posts in meantime without any reasonable reason. Users have their options as “Edit” or “Quote” instead of doing so.
    Penalty: Account Deleted

    4.Avoid reply with just image or AN emoticon. The post will be considered as spam.
    Penalty: Account Deleted

    5.Picture Posting is available. However if the picture use lots of bandwidth (Has a very big size or the user intend to post numbers of pictures in one post), posting the link reached the picture(s) is recommended.

    6.Posting any “Pornographic” is strictly forbidden.
    6.1 This also included any kind of Link or Screenshot.
    6.2 The rule also applies to the picture’s description.

    General definitions of “pornographic”
    - Image of male and female hugging
    - Image of female wearing under wears or naked
    - Image that might cause sexual arouse.

    Penalty: 1st time = 3 days Banned
    2nd time = 7 days Banned
    3rd time = 30 days Banned
    4th time = 90+ days Banned

    7. Posting about file(s) request should be done with manners. And user shouldn’t request for any posting that is related to pornography (view Posting and other General use of WWRBTHAI ,No.6 )

    8. Any user considered as bad manner user, both in and out of WWRBTHAI will be permanently banned.

    9. If any user had done any illegal action which leads to personal or public harm, the user will be automatically considered as the person who will be responsible for the action, not WWRBTHAI.

    10. Users are not allowed to post negative comments toward any copyright holders or the copyright representative.
Penalty: 1st time = 1 month Banned / 2nd time = 3 months Banned / 3rd time = permanently Banned

    11. Posting Non-WWRBTHAI’s model requesting thread is not allowed.
Penalty: 1st time = 3 days Banned / 2nd time = 1 month Banned / 3rd time = permanently Banned

Modified from Poripuri webboard’s rules
Rearranged by Pandamee

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